Yacht Delivery Agreement

This agreement should set out the skipper`s expectations regarding crew participation and a clear description of the financial arrangements on board. It should clarify that arrival at the intended destination cannot be guaranteed and should include an explanation of the agreement on the repatriation of the crew. Each party must ensure that it has the necessary insurance coverage. The skipper and crew must discuss this in advance and, once convinced, they must sign and keep a written copy of the terms and conditions. 3.3 Terminate the contract and reissue an alternative contract if the owner wishes to change or complete the delivery details listed in Appendix A If you find a captain who thinks like me, it can be easy to find an additional crew. The only question we are talking about here is with whom the crew enters into a contract for the voyage: the owner or the captain? Regardless of the answer, the owner must have fully executed copies of the ship`s items for all people traveling on the delivery voyage, regardless of who signed them. There is usually a clause in which the owner/manager certifies the seaworthiness of the ship. It is also expected that the owner will maintain all insurance policies in effect from the time the delivery crew takes possession of the vessel until the crew has secured and disembarked from the vessel. A good captain will report directly to the owner/manager when this happens and will often add photos. Smartphones, text messages, and emails are very useful tools for situations like this. All obligations of the master under this Agreement shall become null and void if such ship is involved in illegal activities or violations of government zero-tolerance regulations relating to the transport or use of illicit drugs or smuggling on board. The captain and crew will comply with the law, report these activities and assist authorities in conducting investigations, whether on land or on the high seas. EXPENSES The cost of the vessel is defined as: fuel, lubricant, impurities and tips, customs and port duties, navigation permits, repairs or maintenance necessary to complete the delivery and purchases of equipment by Captain James Lowe that are necessary to comply with applicable U.S.

or local regulations. CONDITIONS: By Captain James Lowe and the crew include the terms and conditions charged at a daily rate set out in this Agreement. And including, but not limited to, bottled fresh drinking water, ice cream, crew food, including items such as paper towels, toilet paper, garbage bags, sunscreen, in case the preparation or storage of food is not available or if the swell prevents cooking or if the ship is not properly equipped for cooking, the owner is responsible for meals in a restaurant. The master and crew must have adequate berths for the duration of the delivery. If the ship is not equipped with dormitories, the owner is responsible for hotel/motel fees 8.1 Under no circumstances and to the extent permitted by law, Reliance accepts no liability for increased costs or expenses for loss of profits, business, contracts or anticipated savings, or for indirect or consequential damages arising out of or in connection with any service, whether in tort, breach of contract or for any other reason. Other common clauses in supply contracts include things like a list of all the documents that the owner submits to the master. These would be licence, title, towing and insurance documents, including at least the declaration page and a designated insurance addendum listing all crew members. A master is required to refuse to take command of the vessel if he is not satisfied with the validity or accuracy of the owner`s documents. An obvious problem is that the person who signs the contract must also be named on the property papers in a clear and irrefutable way. This protects the owner and crew. There are several things to know when researching and hiring a delivery team.

I`m going to cover some of the most important issues below. The delivery fee for the delivery described above is more than $000 to complete the delivery for the captain and the entire required crew. Here`s what I think we discussed and agreed on regarding the delivery of your________________ called __ from ________ to ______. Please let me know if any details contradict your understanding of our agreement. I estimate a total of _____ days to complete the passage __-Miles. The total amount, including all expenses for a crew of ____, plus fuel, costs, crew transportation; Dockage; Payments, shipping costs, etc. are ______. Fees will not be adjusted upwards (unless otherwise stated below) in the event that delivery takes longer, nor will they be adjusted downwards for any reason.

I will request that I need a deposit of ____ immediately to secure your time slot and then 60% of the total amount before we leave. The balance must be paid immediately upon arrival in cash. You are welcome to join the crew at any time during the passage. I will charge an additional fee of ________/day to your supplies etc. to cover; Any additional waiting time for your arrival or departure costs _________/day. If it becomes necessary to stop during the passage to wait for bad weather or to take care of a breakdown, you are responsible for all costs and after two days for a daily rate of ______ I will provide documentation explaining all the necessary stops and communicating with you throughout the trip. Unless otherwise agreed, upon arrival, the boat should have full safety equipment (including a life raft with an inspection in progress), a clean floor, compliance with all Coast Guard or DoT regulations, full throttle with fuel, enough spare parts, cleaning products and otherwise ready for departure. I will spend _______days inspecting and supplying the boat. Boats must be equipped with canisters or bubbles so that at least _____ gallons of fuel can be carried on deck. If it is necessary to stop during the passage to wait for bad weather or to deal with a breakdown, you are responsible for all costs and after two days for a daily rate of ______. I will provide documentation explaining all the necessary stops and communicating with you throughout the trip.

My crew and I will make sure to respect all local laws and make sure your boat`s reputation is good if you ever visit the ports where we stopped. Care is also taken to minimize wear and tear on the boat, never let the engines run too fast, take steps to ensure that only clean fuel is poured into the tanks, routine maintenance is performed, etc. If it is available, I will need a copy of the survey before leaving. At the end of the delivery, I will provide a “captain`s survey” detailing my observations and recommendations. If all this is acceptable, please reply in an email with this in mind. However, it is important that you understand the following: If you come to delivery and you do not hold a license or license under your delivery captain, the captain you hire will command your ship, NOT you. You have hired a professional. He or she will certainly consider your contribution, but in the end, the captain is practically and legally responsible. He will use his best judgment to make these decisions. Let him do the work without getting in the way. This is not only a courtesy, it is also a matter of law. In the event of an incident, the highest master licensed on board shall bear primary responsibility for the incident.

Period. Obligation of the owner 1. The owner is required to prepare all necessary documents before the delivery of the yacht, including: boat insurance, (the yacht MUST be properly insured by the insurance company) boat registration / ship documentation, emergency contact details. 2. The Owner is required to inform Captain James Lowe of any damaged or defective vessel equipment that may be important to the safety of Captain James Lowe and his crew. Or the safe operation of the ship. 3. The yacht owner must have an up-to-date towing policy such as Seatow or Boat US This agreement will be concluded on __ However, this owner is responsible for compensating the captain and crew for trips and days on the ship as described in this contract. A court of competent jurisdiction in Orange County, Florida, will rule on any dispute or claim arising out of this Agreement.

The cost of a lawsuit, including reasonable attorneys` fees, required to recover funds owed by Captain James Lowe from the owner`s notice to the owner of a non-payment of crew services would become a maritime lien against the ship under 46 U.S. section.C. United States Code, 2009 Edition Title 46 – SHIPPING Subtitle III – Maritime Liability CHAPTER 313 – 46 U.S.C. 31301-31343 Section 8 – Illegal Activities: It is understood that neither illicit drugs nor smuggling of any kind are permitted on board, nor will there be any consumption of alcoholic beverages by the crew, including the owner, if they act as a crew member while the ship is en route. Article 9 – Smoking: Captain James Lowe is a non-smoker. Smoking is allowed inside the ship by the crew or service personnel, smoking only takes place in designated areas on an outdoor deck area of the ship. Article 10 – Seatime Transits through large bodies of water that require sailing day and night will be charged at 1 1/2 times the agreed daily rate only for transit days of 24 hours per day Article 11 – Sailing time – the time during which the crew actively works for the owner 6 to 12 hours a day. More than 12 hours of navigation are charged in fractions of days. For example, if we leave the dock at 6am and sail until midnight, it will take 1.5 days for the safety of the ship, crew and passengers and reinforced by the lack of support on the land side during the night hours, we try to sail mainly in daylight. .

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