How to Start an Agreement Sentence

When writing an agreement sentence, it`s important to start off on the right foot. The first words of a sentence can set the tone for the entire piece, so it`s essential to choose the right words to ensure that the sentence is clear, concise, and easy to understand. In this article, we`ll discuss some tips on how to start an agreement sentence effectively.

Use “Agreed” or “We agree.”

One simple way to start an agreement sentence is to use the word “agreed” or “we agree.” These phrases explicitly state that both parties are in agreement, making it clear to the reader what they can expect from the rest of the sentence.

For example:

– Agreed, we will hold regular meetings to discuss our progress.

– We agree that the terms of the contract are fair and acceptable.

Start with an adverbial phrase.

Another way to begin an agreement sentence is to start with an adverbial phrase. This approach can help create a smooth transition from the previous sentence or paragraph and set the context of the agreement.

For example:

– As previously discussed, we agree to extend the project timeline by two weeks.

– In light of recent developments, both parties have agreed to adjust the payment terms.

Use “In agreement with.”

Using the phrase “in agreement with” is another effective way to start an agreement sentence. It shows that both parties have come to an understanding and are on the same page.

For example:

– In agreement with the client, we will provide weekly progress reports.

– The homeowner is in agreement with the proposed renovation plans.

Rephrase the agreement as a question.

Starting an agreement sentence as a question can also be helpful in certain situations. It can be used to confirm the agreement or to seek clarification from the other party.

For example:

– Are we in agreement that the revised budget is acceptable?

– Can we confirm that both parties agree to the proposed changes?

In conclusion, starting an agreement sentence can be done in a variety of ways. From using “agreed” or “we agree” to starting with an adverbial phrase or rephrasing the agreement as a question, it`s important to choose the approach that best fits the situation. By doing so, writers can create clear, concise, and effective agreement sentences that leave no room for confusion.

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